James McCumiskey



What do you hope people will learn from reading your book?
McCumiskey: My hope is that the book becomes a starting point for people to question the Biomedical Paradigm or the underlying philosophy behind Modern Medicine. I hope people continue further with their education about the New Medicine and look up German New Medicine websites and read Dr Hamer’s books.

My real hope is that enough ordinary people become engaged and demand that the German New Medicine of Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer is finally verified by a government somewhere in the free world.

When did you decide to write about your experience of learning about German New Medicine?
McCumiskey: If you had a secret that could change the world, but no one you told would believe you, what would you do?

The "secret" is that there is a readily understandable reason why people get a specific cancer or disease. Disease is not a random failure of Mother Nature. Health and disease comes from within, and once we understand that, we can deal with the event in our lives that caused our cancer or disease.

The "secret" is the five Biological Laws of German New Medicine, which are easily understood by the lay-person. Once you understand these biological laws you will no longer fear cancer nor other diseases like MS or diabetes because you will understand them.

My response to the disbelief I faced when I told friends and colleagues was to write a book and explain this to the best of my ability. I have no medical qualifications whatsoever and if I can understand it and explain it, then maybe other people, my readers, will also understand it too.

I also wanted to link in the work of Dr Stefan Lanka and Karl Krafeld from Klein-Klein-Aktion who emphatically state that there is no scientific evidence for the existence of any so-called pathogenic virus. This is I believe the major weakness of Modern Medicine, and is how Modern Medicine can be finally overcome.

How have people reacted to your views?
McCumiskey: Most people in my experience can buy into the idea that a "biological shock" can cause cancer. But then they think that the cancer must be "cured" by conventional means - poison - chemotherapy, slash - radical surgery or burn - radiotherapy.

However, most people, 99% of people, currently cannot accept the idea that the Germ Theory of Disease is wrong and that pathogenic viruses such as HIV-AIDS, Bird-Flu - H5N1 and measles do not exist.

Most people, 99% plus, believe in the "expert opinion" propagated by the white-coats and the MDs. I want people to think and to understand and then to accept that most of what they are told by Modern Medicine is scientifically wrong. The facts are correct, for example, that an individual has one or more cancers. But a dogma of Modern Medicine called metastasis, the major dogma of cancer, states that cancer spreads from one location in the body to another location, is scientifically and medically wrong and is an absolute lie.

Do you think that Modern Medicine is complicit in the Ultimate Conspiracy?
McCumiskey: Absolutely. This is very simple to verify. No national medical organisation will verify the Five Biological Laws of German New Medicine. These Five Biological Laws have already been verified thousands of time by individual doctors but these verifications continue to be rejected by the medical profession.
No medical organisation will verify Dr Lanka’s incredible claims that there is no scientific evidence proving the existence of any pathogenic virus because this would mean that the Germ Theory of Disease is wrong and with that most of Modern Medicine.

The Semmelweis Reflex is the automatic dismissal by the medical profession of new incontrovertible medical evidence even though it will save many lives. There is of course nothing new in the treatment of Dr Lanka and Dr Hamer by the medical profession.

What do you think would be the first step in starting Modern Medicine into a more rounded examination of people?
McCumiskey: I am certain that it is impossible for Modern Medicine to turn away from its dominant philosophy - The Biomedical Paradigm. Modern Medicine is not at all scientific and has all the hallmarks of a pseudo-religion. In fact Modern Medicine and pseudo-science are the dominant religions in the Western World. Modern Medicine must be overthrown by ordinary people.

In the book I outline what I believe to be the Achilles’ Heel of Modern Medicine - the incredible fact that there is no scientific proof for the existence of any pathogenic virus such as HIV-AIDS, Bird Flu - H5N1, measles, rubella ....

The white-coats who propagate the myth about the existence of these viruses must be challenged to provide the scientific evidence for the existence of these viruses. Once ordinary people understand that there is no evidence for the existence of these viruses, the Germ Theory of Disease can be overcome and with that Modern Medicine in its entirety.

Do you think that German New Medicine could replace all aspects of current medicine?
McCumiskey: Modern Medicine works brilliantly for trauma: car-crash, burns, broken bones and prosthetic limbs. It also works well for plastic surgery.

Dr Hamer believes that once German New Medicine is accepted, that about 95% of the medical procedures carried out by Modern Medicine can be scrapped, because they will be understood to be medically and scientifically unnecessary.

The Germ Theory of Disease is the central dogma of Modern Medicine. Once it is accepted to be false then the era of Modern Medicine will be finally over.

Modern Medicine cannot incorporate German New Medicine because it would in effect mean the destruction of Modern Medicine. Modern Medicine must be overcome by ordinary people understanding the lies and deceptions behind it.

German New Medicine will become the standard orthodox medicine one day. My book is a step along the path to ensure that that this does eventually occur. This day will only occur when enough ordinary people "wake up".

So yes, German New Medicine can replace all aspects of Modern Medicine, but it will clearly incorporate the advances that Modern Medicine has made in surgery, specifically dealing with trauma and plastic surgery.

The Ultimate Conspiracy: The Biomedical Paradigm